Torre Zambra

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo PIANA MARINA

Tasting Notes

The Trebbiano d’Abruzzo “PIANA MARINA” is born in a remote area of Villamagna called Pian Di Mare at 300 metres on the sea level, where Famiglia De Cerchio cultivates an old vineyard of over 30 years. The area takes its name from the sandy soil and the many marine fossils that can be found by digging a few centimeters below the surface, which provides minerality and a unique organoleptic complexity to this wine.

The must is fermented for 40% in oak barrels and for 60% in steel vats. While the two masses are still fermenting, they are combined to continue the refinement in concrete tanks for a year in contact with the fine lees. The result is an incredible golden yellow color when observed.

The PIANA MARINA is an endless wine, ready to drink but capable of aging and improving over time. On the nose and palate, it evokes notes of seawater, with an enveloping minerality that caresses the palate and ends with a long finish of ripe yellow fruit reminiscent of apricots, but over the years, it will develop vanilla undertones.

The PIANA MARINA pairs perfectly with aged cheeses, white meats, or seafood dishes.

Organic, sustainable and vegan

Designation DOC Trebbiano d’Abruzzo
Varietal 100% Trebbiano d’Abruzzo
Training System Abruzzo pergola
Yield per Hectare 100 quintali
Harvest Period last ten days of September
Vinification cold maceration; soft pressing of the skins
Fermentation 40% of the wine in barriques and 60% in stainless steel tanks at 14 – 16  C for 30 days
Aging on fine lees, in steel vats for 15 months and in bottle for 2 months
Aging Potential 15years
Bottles 750 ml
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