Torre Zambra

Incastro Rosa "Madia"

Torrezambra - Incastro Rosa 2022
Wine certified
Sustainable, Vegan
IGT Terre di Chieti
50% Montepulciano, 30% Sangiovese, 20% Primitivo
Training System
Abruzzo pergola
Yield per Hectare
140 quintals
Harvest Period
first ten days of October
soft crushing and pressing
in stainless steel tanks at 14 – 16° C
in steel vats for 1 months and in bottle for 1 month
2 years
750 ml

Tasting notes

Rosato “Madia” is the unique rosé wine you can taste in Abruzzo, pure expression of this region and of its people, particularly appreciated in summertime as a good compromise between the freshness of a white wine and the structure of a red. The Montepulciano grapes it is made out of are strictly selected from our vineyards in Villamagna, where the limestone and clay soils, an amazing temperature change also due to the special position between mountains and sea, and yields per hectare kept under 140 quintals guarantee the quality of this enjoyable rosé wine. The grapes are picked in the first ten days of October, and are immediately cooled down to keep their organoleptic characteristics. Once in the cellar, they stay for a limited time with the skins, and consequently the fermentation continues in steel tanks at controlled temperature for two months and in the bottle for one month.
The particular brilliant cherry colour is due to the Montepulciano grape, which generously releases its intensity through the skins even though it spends a very short time with the must before this continues its fermentation as a white wine. The clean nose profile reveals fresh red fruits scents, especially cherry, with hints of strawberries and plum. Its special balance between freshness and complexity allows the Rosato “Madia” to be the perfect match for an amazingly wide selection of food, from pizza to pasta and meat.

Womans hand holding and turning rose wine glass during tasting

From the Estate

Torrezambra - Incastro Rosa 2022
Torre Zambra
Incastro Rosa "Madia"
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Torre Zambra
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Torre Zambra
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